Project Coach

Make your change programme a success! Project-Management - pragmatic and easy to understand!

70-80% of projects fail

Numerous studies have been conducted over the years to assess the success of change management programmes. They found that 70-80% of all change programmes fail. This means that they are not concluded on time and within budget or fail to achieve their financial or operational targets. Have you experienced this in your own organisation?

To help organisations achieve better results when carrying out change programmes, I have come up with the Project-Coach approach. This means that initially I train staff in improvement methodologies and project management skills. Then I accompany them during the change by coaching these new skills in the context of their real life project challenges. Thereby I contribute to the successful project completion and realisation of defined project benefits … as well as equipping staff with skills that they need to help make their next projects more successful.

How can your organisation benefit from working with me?

  • Realisation of financial targets and improvement of customer satisfaction via:
    • Problem and goal definition, agreeing Milestones, project planning and application of project management principles;
    • Implementation of solutions according to plan, using results tracking and the management of project risks.
  • Overcoming silo thinking and conflicts by applying a structured approach and working with cross-functional teams. Stakeholdermanagement.
  • Transfer of sustainable skills to your staff.

“Cathrin Kolb has been working for Lavendon Group, as well as our UK Nationwide Platforms and German Gardemann businesses, since October of 2012. She has been instrumental in helping us design and launch a high quality DMAIC Performance Improvement training product with full coaching support ensuring consistent results. This has been very well received by both our UK and German employees who have fully appreciated Cathrin’s professional and highly supportive approach on what is new ground for most of them. As a consequence our internal PI programme is now gaining real traction and delivering strong results to support business profitability and customer service.” – Client quote Mike Evenson, Group Technical & Performance Director, Lavendon Group Plc

What does it look like in practice?

Let me help you achieve the goals of your change programme on time and to budget. I can offer (for example) a 7-week programme, that is tailored to your needs. The programme comprises:

Week 1

12-day group training: tailored project management approach for change programmes, as well as familiarity with basic tools and methods.

Week 2

2Half-day intensive individual coaching. Supporting practical tasks like project definition, establishment of detailed project plan, capturing of project risks.

Week 3-7

32 x 1-hour individual coaching sessions per week. Supporting tasks like preparation of status report, preparation for progress meeting, implementation of a structured project / programm management approach. Clear results focus.


4Co-facilitation or audit of the project review meetings.

If you want to get even more of a flavour, what working with a Project-Coach could look like, also refer to the article: “Why work with a Project-Coach?“.

What results can you expect?

In similar programmes Kellogg‘s, Aviva and British Gas have achieved the following results, thanks to my support as Project-Coach:

  • Almost € 1 million cost savings through the introduction of skills in Lean improvement methodologies.
  • Almost € 4.5 million savings through the development and implementation of a tailor-made reporting and control system and the introduction of Six Sigma and project management skills.
  • Impacting 1,200 field service technicians and their management to achieve sustainable behavioural change. Improvement of key performance indicators (increase in first visit completion rate and reduction in recall rate).

Please call me on +44 7855 919748 or send me an E-mail to I am looking forward to an informal conversation to discuss your change programme.