Change Management

I am passionate about Change Management!

Why did I develop a passion for Change?

I was myself “victim” of a change process, so I can sympathise with employees going through a change. My goal is to shape change processes in a way which supports the employees.

I offer an easy to understand and pragmatic approach!

I use the right mixture of empathy, patience and results orientation. Furthermore, during past engagements on projects I have developed tried and tested and easy to understand materials. I use straightforward language and I approach projects in a very pragmatic way. That means that I only use relevant methods and principles, in order to make people’s working lives easier and more productive.

As consultant and project manager I strive to work with all groups of employees in a change process, so that they have a say in developing their new way of working. With this approach, everyone in an organisation can celebrate a job well done, when the change has been completed … on time and to budget!

„Cathrin opened my eyes and heart to reflect on my personal development and unknown skills. Cathrin introduced me to new problem solving tools and helped me to develop my personal skills to help me to bring the best out of the manager and leaders who work for me“ – Client quote Carl Watson, Service Manager Leeds, British Gas

So, what is Change Management?

My Definition: – for me, Change Management means to support organisations in a structured way through major change initiatives. Communication plays a major part here, but also professional project management and a structured approach to the analysis of problems and the identification of solutions.
It is true – the world is constantly changing. As a consequence organisations need to adapt to new and changing circumstances. The adaptation of organisational strategy, structures and processes falls under change management

Change Management skills still need to be developed in organisations.

A particular challenge for organisations in the context of change management is, to engage leaders and staff in this process. They should be well informed and acquire the necessary skills and capabilities, in order to be able to cope with the new realities in an efficient way.

What is your experience of change in your organisation? Have you had the experience of projects going over budget or not being completed on time? How about stakeholder buy-in: did you experience resistance to the planned changes? Was your project stopped before achieving the desired results? Were goals not clearly specified? Were roles and responsibilities not defined well enough?

The solution: skills transfer and a structured approach to change programmes.

In order to avoid exactly these problems I support organisations with structured approaches. I have over 15 years experience in the design and delivery of change programmes, as well as very strong project management skills. The tools I apply are process improvement methods, the design and implementation of measurement control and reporting systems and the transfer of improvement and project management skills. These skills are instrumental in order to achieve the necessary behavioural changes in change processes.

„I went through the project manager training, which was tailored to our particular business needs. The training was efficient and enabled us to break down and understand complex models, that we can now also integrate sustainably into our day-to-day work. I can now rely on a building block system in project management, which will help me with my future challenges. Furthermore, it will make my work tasks many times easier. It was a very intense time, and I want to thank you again for your support.“ – Client quote Harald Schlabes, Head of Controlling, Gardemann Arbeitsbühnen GmbH

Please also refer to the “Case Study British Gas“. You can get an idea how I work with organisations that go through change.

Please call me on +44 7855 919748 or send me an E-mail to I am looking forward to an informal conversation to discuss your change programme.